Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On The Move!

About 3 weeks ago Easton figured out how to crawl! It took about a day for him to get the coordination of moving his arms and legs at the same time. He hasn't stopped moving since! As if he wasn't small enough already, I think he burns twice as many calories now :)
Quin has loved crawling around with him, and of course he loves to follow her - they really are adorable together!
Ellery isn't far behind. She has figured out how to move her arms, and then pull both of her knees up at the same time. She is very frustrated that Easton can leave her in his dust, so I am sure she will figure it out soon. Gianna is very content to sit and watch (hmm, imagine that!). When she is on her belly she can push herself backwards.

(I have uploaded Picasa and am still trying to figure out all of the glitches - sorry if this looks chaotic!)Posted by Picasa

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Jill said...

I can't believe the kids are almost 1 already. Wait until they are all crawling and each in different directions =) I would love to be able to speak their language because I think they conspire to see how fast mom can run sometimes! Hope you have a great birthday celebration. I planning my triplets 1 year birthday (2/24/10) now. The time has sure flown by.