Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quin's 'Party'

We did not have a party for Quin's birthday. After a first birthday, I struggle with the idea of parties. To me, birthday parties equals kids. Once she begins school next year and meets more friends, maybe we will have a small party for her. Time will tell...

Instead, Jason and I took her to see a Playhouse Disney Live show that came to Grand Rapids this past weekend. It was perfect! Mickey was having a music 'party'. Quin thought for sure that the 'party' was for her birthday, and she got to spend it with some of her favorite characters. We had great seats - about 10 rows back, just off to the side.
She wasn't quite sure what to think. She sat quietly, trying to take everything in - the crowd, music, characters, singing, the little boy sitting behind us who was trying to make friends with her... She was adorable!
She warmed up after the first half - dancing and singing along! She seemed to have a great time!
We did have to laugh at her. When our nanny asked Monday morning about the show, all Quin wanted to tell her about was that we ate popcorn. What?!?! I don't know if she has ever had popcorn, so she was thrilled that we ate popcorn during the intermission. She has since remembered different parts - hopefully many memories were made!

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