Monday, March 15, 2010

Easton's Eye

Since last September, Easton has had a monthly visit to the pediatric opthomologist to keep an eye on, what they believe is, a dermoid cyst. If you look at the picture below (come on now, isn't he cute?!?!), you will notice a bump on the outer corner of his left eye. It feels like a BB under his skin. If you push on it, it will move slightly and is firm. It doesn't hurt him.
A dermoid cyst is caused when skin becomes trapped during fetal development. It has been explained to us that it usually happens where/when bones are 'fusing' together during fetal growth. It can happen to any baby, and has nothing to do with Easton being a preemie.

During each visit they have monitoring the 'cyst' for growth and change. We have been told from the very beginning that it would need to be removed, but they try and wait until babies turn one year old. Since he is now one we met with the surgeon last week. The surgeon did have some concerns. He said that dermoid cysts usually have resistance when pushed on, and Easton's seems to disappear when pushed and then comes right back to position. The surgeon didn't seem overly alarmed, but did order a CT Scan so that he knows exactly what he will be operating on. He thought it could possibly be large in depth, even though it is relatively small on the surface. He also mentioned a rare possibility of an optical tumor of sorts. No matter the outcome of the CT Scan, he did tell us that they 'cyst' needs to be removed "sooner, rather than later". We should know more soon after the scan.

We will be taking Easton for the CT Scan tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday). Please help us pray for the very best outcome - a very minimal dermoid cyst. Easton will need to be 'put out' for the scan, so please also pray that he has a good 'sleep' and comes out of it okay. Thank you!


Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Good Luck Mr. Easton! He's such a cutie, you are right! I hope all goes well with the scan and that he does well with it all, as do you!

Douglass Family said...

Hoping everything goes well. You'll be in our prayers today. He is such a handsome little man!