Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Little Princess

Quin loves her tutus, but they aren't always used around her waist. She loves to make them into manes as a pretend lion (see below) and lays them in rows of circles/hoops to jump back and forth.
She does LOVE to dance and sometimes actually wears the tutus to do so. In an attempt to bring out the, well, ... softer side of Quin, I signed her up for 'princess camp' through a local dance studio. I know I may kick myself later (because I really don't need her acting like a princess all of the time either), but I thought it may help her explore another side of herself.

The class focused a lot on ballet too. I danced for a combined 15 years between time at a studio and then on a high school dance team. I would love for at least one of my children to like dance. Why not start with the oldest, right?!?! Maybe they will all follow then (much to their father's horror I am sure!).

I figured she may as well look the part of a princess ballerina:
On the first day of class she was randomly chosen to be the 'princess of the day' and came home with a crown and wand. She couldn't keep her hands off of the wand, and is still trying to use it to turn her brother and sisters into frogs!
She went for five days, two hours each day. She loved going (and was so sad the following Monday when she couldn't go any longer). Good signs for me!
On the last day they had a 'gala' for the parents to come watch. She was quite a bit younger than the other girls, but still seemed to be interested. They talked about the positive attributes of being a 'princess' - such as believing in yourself, having good manners and being nice to others. (Okay, so this is the type of princess she can be all of the time!) They also showed some of their new ballet moves and even partnered with the parents for a dance. It was very cute!
I'm still not convinced that it softened her up a whole lot. Most of my pictures of her standing look like this with her arms crossed:
And most of the pictures of her sitting look like this, with the exception that her knees were up with her undie cover-ups for all of the world to see:
I was still impressed with some of her graceful floor crossing moves. Not too bad!
What got the biggest smile though??? Of course, the cookies at the end :)
A big thank you to Miss Wendi, Miss Mylene and W.E. Dance Academy! Princess Quin had a great time!!!

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