Monday, June 18, 2012

March - Quin's ParTEA

We had Quin's very first birthday party.  My mom bought a Groupon to Party Creations which started the whole ball rolling.  Quin loves having tea parties, and Party Creations offers a variety of theme parties - one of them being a Tea Party.
When my mom told Quin all about it, Quin asked if she could bring a friend... which inevitably turned into three friends.  I found these cute tea party invitations, and redesigned the 'tea bag' insert to include all of our information.  
It ended up being my mom, Quin, three of her friends from school and myself.  The girls all looked so cute!  They were each dressed up, and couldn't stop giggling!
There were two other 'parties' there at the same time as us.  Each girl was given a boa, tutu and tiara for the party.  We started off painting our nails.  They also made tissue paper flowers that decorated our table.
The girls had tea and lemonaide out of real china, and were given bread, cheese and crackers, and cupcakes to eat.  
Each girl was also able to customize their own bottle of 'shimmer lotion'.  
The party ended with a partner game of 'stack the sugar cubes'.  It was fun to see the different strategies to get the tallest sugar cube tower.
After the tea party, we treated the girls to lunch at Red Robin (Quin's favorite).  

Lunch was topped off with a song and dessert!  What a perfect day!!!

Also related to Quin's birthday, are the treats that she passed out at school.  I found several March related sayings/pictures on line.  She chose the rainbow design - I cannot for the life of me find where I downloaded this from.  Sorry that I cannot give you the link.  Together, we glued the tags.
Quin chose what she wanted to put in to the bags, and sorted it all into 18 piles.  All she needed help with was the twist tie.  She was so proud!

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