Monday, June 18, 2012

RIP Jinx

***  I'm back...  Ahhhh, summer vacation, how I love thee ;)  Notice a trend???  The last of my clumped posts happened over spring break, and then I totally disappeared.  Yeah, sorry about that.  Now that summer is here, you may be hit with many emails/post updates until I am all caught up now!  Sorry!***

For those of you who knew us prior to having children, you know that our dogs WERE our children.  We were so sad when we had to put Miya down, and didn't think that it would be long until Jinx would have to be put down also.  Well, how dare I forget that he was a fighter!  When we first got Jinx, he had a broken hip and only walked with three legs.  He wasn't a year yet, so we went ahead with hip surgery and rehab.  He recovered very well, and unless you knew his history, you couldn't even tell that his hip was broken at one time.

Jinx was a huge pain in my rear, for well... most of his life!  He was a crazy dog, with a bark much larger than his bite!  He was mischievous and kept us on our toes, but we loved him!  I truly think that his brain never believed that he was older than a year or so.  He was attempting to chase squirrels and eat food from the counters up until a few days before he died.  At the end, his heart and lungs pretty much just gave out on him.  He lived a long and happy 12 and a half years, and is dearly missed by all six of us.  
It is truly my hope that he is up in doggy heaven running after other dogs, pain free!

I know I posted both of these under Miya's RIP post, but they are two of my favorite pictures!  
I have always loved that it looks like Jinx is smiling in this picture!  

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