Tuesday, June 26, 2012

April - Easter

I will try not to bore you with a ton of words - most of the pictures speak for themselves :)
Easter Eggs

 (I accidentally hit the black and white button when I was editing this picture, and kind of liked it!)

 Easter Morning

 Breakfast of Easter Champions!
 Easter Day at Gigi's and Popa's

 My kids can't keep their hands off of Baby Isadora
 Lincoln and Ellery - two peas in a pod
 Great Grandpa and Isa
 Uncle Nate is always the life of the party.
 Proof that they really CAN get along, if only long enough to take a picture.
 The traditional headwear pictures.  I love looking back at past years both here, here and especially here.

I should try to take them before we leave, not after we get back.  It always makes for an interesting photo shoot with grumpy and over tired kiddos.

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