Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Morning (December)

The kids were so excited for Santa!  They chose the perfect cookies, made sure he had eggnog and made a large picture/letter for him!
Quin made some Reindeer Food at her party and combined it with a baggie from my class party - the more food, the more likely Santa would find us was her assumption.
She braved the cold and scattered the food along the front walkway.
With all of the excitement from the night before, I was surprised when our kids slept until {close to} their normal times!  And, once they woke up, they were very calm (or still half asleep).  I was slightly shocked!
On their own terms, they started with their stockings (although, that is what I would have had them do anyways... so, it was a good choice kiddos!)
They picked up steam as they went and quickly moved on to the wrapped presents.
They had several joint presents, so they had to work together to unwrap them.
The next series of pictures made me laugh!  
Quin snuck up from behind and started throwing wrapping paper on them.  I haven't checked on the video camera, but I am really hoping Jason caught it on tape!  Their laughter was the sweetest present ever!

If only I could get them all to smile at once!
The girls were happy to show off their new dress up clothes
We enjoyed a yummy baked french toast breakfast!
{Isn't the wall behind Elle lovely?!?!  Just one of our many home projects right now - ugh!}
Ellery got a 'chef' outfit from Santa and she was so excited to wear it while she helped me plate all of our goodies to bring to my parents house later that afternoon.  

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