Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{Tree}mendous Patience (December)

I was so excited to go out as a family, search for the perfect tree, cut it down and bring it home!

Easton brought his muscles, and was excited for our hunt too :)
My search team

This should have been my first hint of the day to come...  
Unfortunately, the first tree farm was a bust!
They had short trees (we have tall ceilings), with large patches of branches missing.  
We spoke with the owner, who was very nice.  He talked about how his dad was sick during the planting time period that produced the trees that are now mature enough to cut down now.  We will definitely go back in a few years!

No surprise that Easton found a barn with a tractor while we were there.

After leaving the first tree farm we tried one more tree farm, and then another farm that has had pre-cut trees in the past.  All with no luck!

 We went to a fourth farm.  
{What a patient husband I have!}

I sweet couple asked if we could swap picture taking.  We took their picture and then they attempted to take ours...  Notice only two of our lovely children are in the picture!
Because these two stinkers wanted no part of our family picture :(  
I do have to laugh that the husband who took the picture, also took this picture of Quin and Easton immediately following the above picture!
Unfortunately, our tree luck didn't pan out at this location either... and our children were beginning to melt down!

All of the good trees had a sold sign on them!  UGH!
We decided to go home, eat dinner and regroup!

We decided to go into Holland to a corner lot, and we found the perfect tree - phew, relief!
After having the tree set up for a day or so to let it fall, we told Quin that we would get out the decorations and add the tree skirt before bed.  While grabbing the boxes, she added her own tree skirt!  :)

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