Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Santa 2012 (December)

We went to Home and Company this year for our Santa visits.  
I was surprised at how well all four of the kids interacted with Santa!
All three girls went right up to him, while Easton looked on.  (I was down right shocked that Gianna went right up to him)
Easton stood long enough for a quick picture.
Santa then spoke with each of the kiddos on their own.  
Ellery was by far the most comfy with him.  She gave him a big 'ol hug, and held his hands while she talked to him.  She was so cute!
I was so proud of Gianna!
Easton even warmed up long enough to talk to Santa!
They loved the candy canes that Santa gave them as we left!

We headed to Wild Chef for our traditional 'after Santa visit' lunch!  I forgot to bring my camera in, but it was an amazing lunch - as always!

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