Friday, January 18, 2013

Hello 2013!

We packed our crew up on New Year's Eve and headed to my sister's house (she lives about an hour and forty five minutes away).

My kids love going there to play with Lincoln's toys.  Plus, he had new toys from Christmas!  They were in heaven.
Awe... when did Isadora get so big :(

We ate a ton of food, and we laughed a ton too!
The kids played Dance Party on the Wii - what a riot!
Isa even joined in the fun!
 The best was that we stayed over night... in a hotel... with a...

It was the first year since Quin was born that we have not woken up at home on for New Years Day, so we were unable to complete our New Year Traditions of gift giving.  
Never fear though, we did wish the kiddos a great new year... just a few mornings late!

Something practical... 
And, something fun...
Gianna is loving the show Max and Ruby (yuck!) right now.  So her fun gift was a small Ruby, and Easton was given the matching Max.
Ellery got a fairy tale game/puzzle and a rhyming puzzle game.
Quin was given the make up kit that she so badly wanted to Christmas (and didn't get).
We wish all of our family, friends and readers a blessed New Year!!!

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