Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Little Q & A (29 wks)

We are up to 29 weeks! Amazing! Our next goal is 30 weeks, which is another big milestone for the babies.

After comparing notes, Jason and I have figured out that some of the same questions are asked when we both talk with people. We don’t mind answering them by any means. But, for those of you who we do not talk to on a regular basis, I thought I would post some of the answers. It is another long winded post, so please skip over what you already know!

Is Joelee bored yet? I really have kept myself very busy. I figured that I would have to be here near the end of my pregnancy, so I had put aside many projects that I knew I could complete. I have finished all but two. I have also read a ton of magazines (I love to read magazines – thank you to everyone who has sent them), have watched more TV than ever before, am reading a book, have kept a journal, talked a lot on the phone, and am very thankful to have a laptop here. They also have me on a schedule of monitoring, and there are always meals to look forward to. My family also visits often. I am such a busy body, so I thought it would be much more difficult than it really is. I am trying to take in as much ‘calm time’ as I can - My thought is that this is the calm before the storm!

How is the food at the hospital? It isn’t as bad as you would think. I would even go as far as to say it is good. After a few weeks of eating it, it has gotten old though. The dietary aide has been super helpful in talking to the kitchen about changing some items or coming up with new options. When I think I can’t eat another bite from the hospital menu, Jason, my parents and my friend Meagon bring me just what I am craving. I will say that I am eating a much more rounded diet than I was at home – so that is good!

Is Joelee huge? Uncomfortable? Yes and yes. I certainly feel big, but according to everyone who comes to visit, I am not. I am much larger than I was with Quin at 38 weeks, and I have to remind people that I just entered the third trimester. I can only imagine how round I will be if I make it to 34 weeks! I am growing more uncomfortable by the day! I have back issues when I am not pregnant, which only become worse when I am. The weight of my belly and the fact that I am laying in bed all day on a crummy mattress doesn’t help. I try to remind myself often that it is all short term. I also do not plan on posting any belly pics (although we have taken them), unless I make it so far along that I just look bizarre!

Is Joelee going back to work? I will not be returning this school year. I love teaching – I feel like it is a huge part of who I am, and cannot imagine my life without it! As far as when I will return really depends on the babies and their health. It will also depend on daycare – I would have to find just the right person to come and take care of all four of my babies! I love, love, love the daycare that Quin goes to now, but to bring all four kids there would cost more than my paycheck each week :{ Time will tell on this one!

Is Jason taking time off? If Jason does take time off, it would be after the babies come home from the hospital. There are so many unknowns! If they each come home separately, there will be more time to adjust. If they come home 2/1 or all three at the same time, I am sure I will need his help (if not for at least a week).

How is Jason?
Here is Jason’s response: I often think of a statement I told Joelee within weeks of her coming to the hospital, “I don’t know how single moms do it. Working full time, taking care of the house duties, and most importantly….caring for a 22 month old.” I have always been involved with these things, but it is much easier with Joelee around to help. Of course, I have not been able to do this all alone and I graciously appreciate all of you that have helped me along the way. Especially offering me a chance for a couple hours of “free time” on the weekends and sending dinners. I have enjoyed my extra time with Quin and we surely do have a great bond. She and I are now entering the “potty training” phase. I have been spending my 5 free minutes a day reading a book I recently received as a gift. I would recommend this book to all fathers with daughters; Strong Fathers Strong Daughters by Meg Meeker. Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and blessings! Although this situation can be stressing and difficult at times for me, I have the easy part in all of this. It is difficult to express how wonderful Joelee has been through this. Her strength and love for our family (including the trips) is truly inspiring. It is a blessing from the Lord and all the angels that touch our lives daily!
Joelee’s response: Who does he think he is fooling??? I think that his half of the deal is much more difficult than mine, and he is doing a great job! Potty training?!?! Yeah, hopefully he accomplishes that one before the triplets are born :) One less in diapers, I say hooray!

How is Quin? She has held it together the very best a 22 month old can. We do think she may be slowly going down hill. It is so hard for her, mainly because she can’t fully verbalize what it is that she is feeling. We are very lucky that she and Jason have such a close bond, and he is patient with her when she melts down. We have tried to keep her schedule as consistent as possible. She comes to visit on the weekends, and at least once a week. It is wonderful to see her, and I miss her terribly! Being away from her is by far the worst part about bed rest at the hospital. Not that I am looking forward to the babies being in the NICU, but I do think that time will be nice for us to reconnect as our family of three before bringing the babies home.

Do you have names yet? Yes we do, but we aren’t telling :)

How long will the doctor let Joelee go? If I continue to stay stable, he will probably schedule a c-section at 33 weeks. The farthest he would let me carry would be 34 weeks.

Is your bathroom finished? As most of you know, remodeling never goes exactly as planned (especially when you live in a house that is 108 years old). Jason’s brother Jeff and his friend Kelly have been working on and off now for over five weeks (they live over two hours away). It has ballooned into a larger project than first anticipated, but is nearing the end. Or so I am told, maybe just to help lower my blood pressure. They ran out of flooring last week, so the project came to a screeching halt. I think it will be finished after this coming weekend, with the exception of paint (I didn’t choose a color before I left and have to be there to pinpoint exactly what I want). I am excited to see it, and couldn’t be more thankful to Jeff and Kelly for all of their help!

Sorry to bore you if you already knew the answers. If not, I hope that this helped! I have worked on and off on this for a few days, so hopefully it didn't seem too haphazard. Have a wonderful weekend! Joelee (and Jason)


TheGeerlings said...

Thanks for all the info! Many of my questions were anwered. I can't wait to hear what the babies names are. I'm glad to hear you are doing so well!

ab said...

My favorite and most asked question:

"TRIPLETS?! Oh my goodness...does she watch John and Kate Plus Eight?"

Me: "She sure does!"

Thanks for the update. Love you.

Meagon said...

I am crying. You two are such amazing people. I have learned a lot from you through this whole experience...your faith, your strength, your energy...amazing. Although I am fearful that I have neglected Jason in all of this!! Love you both. I have enjoyed our daily conversations, much more than we used to get eh? Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Go lube up those elbows!

Carly said...

Thanks for the info! I was wondering how you were all doing. I am so happy the babies are doing well. You are still in my prayers every day. Hang in there!