Monday, January 26, 2009

A Question For All Of You

Happy Monday! Things are still the same here. Not a single thing to report. I continue to feel like every day is a blessing, and am in utter amazement that I am still hanging out here, incubating these babies. I have been here for just over six weeks.

I do have a question for all of you. I am so un-savvy when it comes to all of the extras on blogs. I would like to set up a system of some sort that people could sign up for updates to our blog. I feel bad for those of you who check often, yet there is nothing new. I know when we have had friends who have used CarePages, I entered my email address and every time the families’ CarePage was updated I received an email. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this with a blog? If you do, please email me or leave a comment with the website. I should be able to figure it out from there. The easier the better though! Thanks.


Nancy G said...

Hi Joelee,
I really enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. How did you know that we were wondering about all those things. That was very cool!
Six weeks of incubating is amazing.
If you need any help with names, the teachers could come up with a few for you, or maybe not...
Take care,
Love ya,

Ange said...

Hi Joelee, glad you are still hanging in there. Here is a site for you to check out, haven't tried it myself, but it looks like it may work. Good luck!

Ange said...

Me again =) I tried it on my blog, a little tricky, but it seems to have worked. Let me know if you need help!

Nate said...


I get updates sent to my google reader account. People can go to and set up an account and your blog will show up (that is if they've signed up as a follower). Alternatively, you might be able to add an RSS feed to your blog, but I'm not sure if that's possible with blogger.

Let me know