Friday, January 30, 2009

NICU - Day 1

What a journey this has been and will continue to be. However, all things are in Gods hands and the angels he has provided at Spectrum Hospital. We are blessed to have all these specialists involved through Devos Children’s Hospital and the NICU.

Below is a snapshot of how we reached “NICU – Day 1” to update you on the babies, along with pictures.

At 12:20am on Thursday (which was 20 minutes into our 30 week goal) Joelee was awoken by a swift kick and then felt the “gush” of her water breaking. It was time for Ellery to make more room for herself! The resident and nurses came in to check on things and Joelee was fully dilated to 10cm. The only option now was how quickly they could move her down to the Labor and Delivery Floor and how many doctors they could line up for the emergency C-section.

Joelee called me at 12:28am to let me know what was going on and find out how soon I could get there. By 12:30am, Joelee was prepped for surgery and the doctor’s were trying to hold off as long as possible for my arrival. I was able to make it to the hospital in 15 minutes from Zeeland, however I was a little late to see them born. Due to the concern that Joelee was going to go into “natural” labor, they started the C-section. In my absence, we were blessed with an amazing Anesthesiologist. He kept Joelee calm and well informed of the entire procedure (while wearing a Detroit Red Wings surgical cap!). I was able to get scrubbed in and see all 3 babies before they were taken to the NICU. We stayed in the recovery room for a few hours while they were monitoring Joelee. At about 3:30am, we were able to visit the babies in the NICU for our fist visit and an update on their health. As you will see by the pictures, we have only been able to hold Ellery as Gianna and Easton are both being assisted with breathing equipment.

Ellery Dorion Sizemore – born at 12:58 am, 2 pounds 10oz, 16 inches long

Ellery is our “determined” one. She is the smallest of the three, but has all the determination. She has been breathing on her own since birth.

Gianna Abigail Sizemore – born at 12:59 am, 3 pounds 1 oz, 15 inches long

Gianna is our “diva”. She has big, swift movements and holds diva-like poses, as if to say 'whoa is me'. She was put on the CPAP just after birth and was put on a ventilator last night. She has Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), which is common for preemies born before 34 weeks. RDS is basically a lack of surfactant, which keeps the small air sacs in the lungs from collapsing. The ventilator helps to keep the lungs open without her having to work so hard.

Easton Michael Sizemore – born at 1:00 am, 2 pounds 12oz, 15 ½ inches long

Easton is our “whimpy” one. According to our doctor, boy preemies are more likely to have lung issues than girls. I like to think that he is just taking one for the team…..and doing what he can to make his sisters feel better, realizing at a very early age he is the youngest and only boy. Easton also has RDS and has been on a ventilator since last night.

We have taken many more pictures today and will post these tomorrow, along with another update. Ellery received her first bath….so look forward to some fun pictures!

Thanks again for your continued thoughts and prayers!
The Sizemore 6


TheGeerlings said...

So great to see pictures! Welcome to the world tiny triplets! You are some very lucky little babies. :)

Day one of the casserole contest at school boasted some pretty yummy stuff! Can't wait to see more pics of those sweet babies!

ab said...

What a fantastic post, Jason! Love the pictures and the information. You guys are learning so much!

Hopefully we'll see you Sunday!


Tracey said...

Congratulations Sizemore family!
The babies are beautiful. You continue to be in our prayers!
Tracey Willemstein

Meagon said...

Bless all of your hearts. I cannot wait to hug you and Joelee and Quin and to peek thru the glass and see the babies. Love you all.

Mr. Lowe said...

Wow! What a miracle, or should I say many. They are darling. We are so very excited for you guys. What ever you need we are here for you. Please, please let us know. Izzy is ready and excited to play with Quin anytime. The three kiddos are in such great hands. It is an amazing place. I know that you already know this. There are so many people with so many gifts. There is no other place I have experiences the gift of Gods love and strength more than when we were in the NICU. We pray that you experience the same. We can't wait to see the three little miracles. Take care. I will check in again later. The kiddos are getting a bit restless. I just caught Izzy by her leg as she decided it would be fun to dive head first off the couch, See you soon! We love you guys!