Sunday, January 4, 2009

What Happened to my Little Girl?!?!

First, I am happy to report that I have been at Spectrum for three weeks now! The time has flown by. Given my stats when I arrived, I only dreamed that we could hold off the delivery this long – Thank God! I would love to gain another three weeks!

On a completely different note – I am not quite sure what Jason has done with my little girl! When they came to visit a few days ago he loaded the most recent pictures from our digital camera onto the computer that I have at the hospital (we have all of our pictures saved on this one). A few of the pictures were taken when I was at home on bed rest, but the majority of pictures were taken in the first two and half weeks that I was in the hospital. After they left, I watched the photos in a slideshow and noticed a trend. Here are just two examples of the many that were taken. Do you see what I see?!?!

The Friday after Christmas Quin was all decked out in her Central Michigan gear. At least Jason is having fun with her! I am just happy we are having one boy - cross your fingers he likes sports! :)

Jason has done such a great job balancing all of the extra duties. I couldn’t be more proud. He has a much greater appreciation of what I do when he goes away for business for more than a few days, and a huge appreciation of what single parents do on a daily basis. He is handling it well!

I also died laughing at this one. At least I know Quin is being fed (although I am not sure what kind of table manners she will have by the time I get home). Who doesn’t love to dip their grilled cheese into the tomato soup? I didn’t have to clean up the mess, so why should I care :)

And last, but not least, here is a picture that I took a few days before leaving for the hospital. I think it is adorable!
Have a wonderful week! We will update the blog if things change.


ab said...

Why am I crying right now? Love you. Love Jason. Love Quin. Love my nieces and nephew who have no idea yet how lucky they are.

See you tomorrow.

ab said...

PS: Fire up Chips and nice work posting pics. Next stop: Facebook!

beautifulsue said...

Joelee, Quin is so adorable. I also have a couple pic's of Lleyton looking like a complete mess after eating. He loves eating yogurt but it is so messy!! I am so glad those babies are still in you. It just seems like such a miracle to me that your dialated to a 5 and still have those babies in you. I am so happy for you! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing the photos.

Ange said...

Hi Quin's mommy, it's Logan's mommy from daycare! I stumbled onto your blog today, had no idea that you were in the hospital. Hope you can keep those kiddos in there for a while longer =)

Micki said...

Happy New Year!

Micki said...

I feel like I'm becomming a cheerleader! Everyday people ask about you and I tell them you are still hanging in there =)I try to give them a brief review of everything that is going on. LOVE the pictures of Quin, bet you really miss her. You are almost at 27 weeks, and we're back at it. Because of the Snow Day donchaknow, we had our party Monday morning. We had to do it, because you know we had to have those parents come in and help with the snowmen. Hang in there! I have sent you a couple messages but somehow I couldn't figure out how to get my password to work. But never fear, Catie fixed it. [haha, as I'm typing this.] -Micki

Kelly and the Kiddos said...

All the kids say "Hi" and "Happy New Year!!" They loved the books and the pencils, especially since they had their names on them:)

I dropped off the presents from the kids to your house. There was a lot of commotion going on, so it "sounds" like your bathroom is coming along.

You and the babies are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep resting!!

TheGeerlings said...

Hi Joelee,
Just back to school and reading your blog. Wow! Didn't know you were even in the hospital and for 3 weeks at that! I'll keep up on your news and be praying for you!
Take care.
Nancy Gelderloos

Nancy G said...

Hi Joelee,
You are such a trooper! You're almost up to 28 weeks and that's amazing. Quinn's pictures are adorable. Looks like Jason's doing a great job as Mr. MOM - way to go Jason! I'm waiting for your book on this adventure and reality TV show.
As you can tell, it took me a while to figure out the blog!
Take care!
Love and prayers
Nancy gelderloos

Tracey said...

Hi Joelee,
I found your blog through my cousin Andrea (Logan's mommy). I did not realize that you had gone in to the hospital. I just read through your whole blog and wanted to let you know I am thinking of you! I was in a similar situation 7 years ago and it turned out beautifully! (I even had to laugh because we remodeled our main bathroom while I was on bed rest too!) You are in such a great place. Please know that I will be praying for you and your babies!
Tracey Willemstein

Meagon said...

I love, love, love the pictures and I love, love, love how well you are handling this. I just love, love, love you, and Jason and Quin and those babies.