Saturday, January 31, 2009

NICU - Days 2 & 3

It is important for me to remind myself each day about the ups and downs that will be common in this experience. Things are still going well for all three, but we have experienced some tense moments the past 48 hours. Especially this afternoon with Gianna. After we finished spending some “care taking” time with Ellery, we moved across the room to do the same for Easton. As we were finishing up and planning to move towards Gianna, we heard plenty of beeps from monitors and noticed a flurry of nurses coming to her aid. Words can’t describe the emotion I felt….but for those of you who know me well, I am very protective of those close to me. I could hear what was going on, but did not want to see. As in typical fashion with our amazing nurses, Easton’s nurse realized our concern and quickly drew our attention back on Easton. She described some of the next steps in his progress and ensured we were focused on him at that moment. Then she calmly let us know what was going on with Gianna and that she would be fine. Gianna, our diva, was not having anymore of her ventilation tube. She actually managed to pull the tube out of her mouth on her own. As if to say....”mommy and daddy, enough with Ellery and Easton…it’s all about me!”

The Nurse Practitioner put a new ventilator in, but this time it is in her nose. It was difficult to capture photos of her before, now it is extremely difficult. If their was any question before on who’s who….not any longer.

This was just one part of the rollercoaster today….some great things are happening too. Just after lunch, the nursery room nurses decided to re-arrange all the incubators so that the triplets could be in the same area. This was very much appreciated, especially as Easton was previously on the complete opposite end of the room from his sisters. They are also taking in some much needed rays… with most preemies, all three are under lights to treat jaundice.

Here are just a few pictures that we would like to share.

Mommy and Ellery
Ellery Dorion

Gianna Abigail

Easton Michael
Thanks again for your continued thoughts and prayers!
The Sizemore 6


beautifulsue said...

they are beautiful! i will continue to pray for your three precious babies. jason, your writing is amazing and brought tears to my eyes while reading both notes. thank you for keeping me updated, as i am sure you are so busy.

Kelly and the Kiddos said...

Joelee and Jason--

What precious little angels!! Easton's got some great hair:) The pictures are awesome. Can't wait to see more. You are both very blessed--I keep praying for all of you each day.

Meagon said...

I am with Kelly..look at Easton's hair, awesome! What a roller coaster of a day for you all. They are in great hands. I pray for the babies and continued strength (look out, Gianna means business eh?) and I pray that the nurse's and Doc's feel God's presence over them as they look after those little miracles. Love you all so dearly. Wonderful photos.

Kay said...

What an amazing story! Joelee, you look great and the babies are just beautiful. Thanks for posting pictures.

Grandma Barb said...

I was so happy to be with you this weekend, Quin was a delight as usual. I was so happy with joy to see my new grandbabies. I pray every day for you all. To think I went from 3 grandchilren to 6 in a half hour. Joelee you are a winner.Love to you all. Grandma Barb