Sunday, June 7, 2009

15 Years, Really?!?!?!

Yesterday was a nice reprieve from our usual Saturdays. We made the trip over to Corunna for Jason’s 15 year reunion. What is crazy to me is that we have been out of school as long as we were in school (I actually graduated 16 years ago – yes I’m older, but not by much!). When I graduated I thought 15 years was so far away, and I would be so old. Little did I know! I still feel so young.

There wasn’t a huge turn out, but it was very nice to catch up with the people who were there. It was also nice that it was a family event, or else we wouldn’t have been able to make it. Thanks to Tucker for organizing it!

The babies did great both in the car and while we were there. Quin... not so much. I think we heard, “i out, I Out, I OUT!” every five minutes on the way there. She loved the kids and the action while we were there, and actually did very well for not having a nap. The first 45 minutes of our ride home was heaven – all four kids slept peacefully. Unfortunately once Quin woke, she screamed the rest of the car ride home (45 more minutes!). I am still glad we were able to make the trip, although I was reminded why we don’t venture too far from home :)

The babies took a catnap in their pack n' play.
No Nap Quin was in no mood for pictures.
We would have definitely loved more of this:And, a little less of this!

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Jill said...

I know the feeling. We took all 4 kids to my parents house (about 1 hour away from home) for the June birthday celebrations yesterday. Except on the way home, Keri would cry everytime the car stopped. So that meant no Diet Coke for me =( Lindsay (our 17 month old) was out before we hit the expressway. I see the set up of your vehicle and it looks like our van. All kids and barely room for us =)