Monday, June 15, 2009

Could It Really Be Summer?

We are very ready for consistent, nice weather! When we spend a lot of time cooped up in our house, it is always a nice release to run/play/grill/eat outside. We have enjoyed the nice weather both yesterday and today (and really hope it continues!). Every so often I do have wishings of being a ‘small’ family again so that we can take off at will and go wherever we want, but know that won’t be happening any time soon. I just have to learn to rework my train of thought – get out the toys, balls, bikes… and have fun in our yard (or the neighbor’s yard in the case below).

Quin spent some time over at the neighbor's house yesterday playing in their pool – yeah! Until about a month ago my 'tough cookie of a daughter' hated water. Bathtimes were a huge struggle!!! That was my main concern for Jason when I was laid up at the hospital for so long. Quin has slowly started to tolerate a short bath, but is still terrified of getting water on her face. I was SO excited to see her in their pool. She and Izzy had a blast. A big thanks to Izzy for being a water loving example!

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