Friday, June 19, 2009

Our New Best Friends

The Bumbo/Lionheart seats! The babies are enjoying their new found freedom and a new view of the world. They can't sit for too long, but they do love to sit up and look around. It is nice to be able to add another 'activity' to our awake time. I remember that when Quin could finally sit up in her Lionheart seat, it changed her whole demeanor! She was such a happier baby when she could see what everybody else could see. I think it making a nice difference for the triplets also.

The following pictures are a few weeks old, but I couldn't resist. I would love to add word bubbles above Gianna's head in the first two. I can already imagine the interaction that we are in for between Gianna and Quin - it will definitely be a love/hate relationship. They are going to be a lot alike! Doesn't help that Gianna looks a ton like Quin did when she was a baby.

Gianna tries the dirtly look first. Then Gianna tries to tell her, 'Um, that is NOT your seat!" Quin says, "You can't make me move!" And then there is Ellery, "Can't we all just get along, please."
Quin loves to sit with them. They are always on the look out for her - she keeps them entertained!

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ab said...

She's totally trying to tell Easton and Ellery what to do. Gianna isn't having it!! Did Quin tell them "5 MINUTES!!!!!"?? :)