Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today was Dogarama Day in Zeeland, so we decided to walk down to see all of the dogs and watch some of the competitions. Quin loves animals and it is only about a five minute walk. I believe the 'celebration' started when the city was trying to bring people into town during the 'dog days of summer'. Well, take a close look at the kids. I had to dig through boxes to find warm hats instead of sun hats. It was a toasty 60 degrees and drizzling. Not so much hot, but it was nice to get out! Quin loved the dogs and we ran into many people.
Gianna is excited to go!

Here are a few other random pictures that I have taken in the last few weeks. I haven't gotten as many great pics with only our point and shoot, but these are cute!
Ellery sleeping - doesn't she look like an angel!
Quin cuddling with Easton - her favorite (shh! Don't tell Ellery or Gianna).
Another cute shot of Quin posing with her sunglasses - destined to be a rock star!

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ab said...

What a sight you must be to see! I'm going through nieces and nephew withdrawl. I miss them.