Friday, August 7, 2009

Our First 'Babies'

We have two labs that we lovingly refer to as ‘whacky and whackier’. Within a few months of our marriage Jason and I were so excited to welcome Miya into our home. She was the most adorable chocolate lab puppy I had ever seen! A few months later we also welcomed Jinx, a yellow lab who was about a year old. He had some medical needs and an over abundance of energy, but we quickly grew to love him. They have had many adventures together, most of which have ended in no good! They are always in cahoots together!

Jinx and Miya were our babies for so long. I am one of those annoying people who dress them each year for Halloween (dressing them does end there though!). Miya sleeps at my feet and Jinx on the floor next to our bed, they were featured in our Christmas card pictures each year and were walked in the annual Memorial Day parade.

So… How are they doing with all of the changes???

Depends who you ask :) I personally think they have it better now than ever before. Somebody is home 24 hours a day, so they get free roam of the house, water at their beckoning bark at the sink and many visits to the backyard throughout the day. If you ask them, they would probably tell you that they have been replaced. We try to spend time with them, but I do have to admit they have been moved to the back burner.

They are super great with all of the kids. Both Jinx and Miya watch the kids closely and follow us where ever we go (our bathroom is big, but really they don’t need to follow Quin in each time!). Quin loves them both dearly too! They are very ‘loved’ by her. She treats them like babies by covering them with blankets, uses them as her personal jungle gym and chases them around the house. They are both very patient with her. The babies also get a lot of love from the dogs. Many, many ‘kisses’ throughout the day.

Jinx and Miya drive us nuts most of the time, but in the end I have to say it is probably our own fault for creating high maintenance dogs (not that we tried). If we could eliminate their excitement at visitors and the barking at the people who walk by, they would be perfect. We often are at our wits end when we think about our extra two ‘kids’, but wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Quin and Jinx
Halloween 2007
Just one of the many 'kisses' given each day.
At least they have each other!

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ab said...

Oh, my first loves. How I love Miya and Jinky.