Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On Target

Today we took the babies for their first developmental check-up at the Gerber Center, which works in conjunction with the DeVos Children’s Hospital. Because the triplets were born two and a half months early, they were automatically enrolled as patients and will have at least two more check-up appointments to make sure they are developing appropriately. They were checked against their adjusted age, or the age they would be if they were born on their due date (which as of today is 4 months and 2 days). They passed all of the ‘tests’ with flying colors and are even meeting some of the early five month developmental milestones. The doctor was very pleased with their progress!

Since their 6 month check up with the pediatrician (13 days ago), Gianna has had quite the growth spurt – she has now taken over the title of ‘biggest baby’ at our house. Easton eats the most of the three, but has pretty much stayed the same. Ellery and Easton were both the same in length, and Gianna grew a half an inch.

Ellery – 13 pounds 9 ounces (2.5 oz gain in almost two weeks)
Gianna -14 pounds 1 ounce (11.5 oz gain)
Easton – 12 pounds 13 ounces (.5 oz gain)

All three babies are super smiley, laugh a ton and interact when you talk to them. Easton is great at rolling both ways (and can wind up a few feet from where he started in a matter of moments). The girls can roll from front to back and are close to back to front. All three are lifting their hips up when they lay on their backs – and are interested in their feet. They will be chewing on their toes in no time. Go babies, go!

***My fabulous (and almost new) camera has been sent away for repair on the flash :{ I am so bummed! Our back up camera, that is nice, is nothing compared to my Nikon! It takes so long to recover after I take a picture, and the orange light that lights up when I push the button to take a picture is very distracting to the babies. I have taken pictures, but they aren’t so great. I hope my camera is returned soon, so I can share more pics!!!


Douglass Family said...

Yay, the babies sound like they are doing great, so happy for you!

Jill said...

They sound like they are growing so well. Joey was born the biggest, but because of some illness, he was the smallest for a while. He has regained his thrown as the biggest (even though he is technically the youngest!) Keri has her own little way of starting to crawl. I can't believe the time has just flown by. Hope everything keep s going well for you guys.