Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

We actually had a descent day last Sunday. Quin and Jason spent quite a bit of time enjoying the fall weather. Quin decided that it was her job to push the leaves out to the road. She is such a hard worker - but of course, she does it with style! Couldn't be without the pink Little Kitty sunglasses :)
It was also perfect pumpkin gutting weather! Quin did most of the work herself. She wasn't too sure about the slimy insides, but quickly decided that it "not too bad".
Quin was much more interested in the light that is used to light the jack-o-lantern. She thought it made a wonderful microphone! :) So much for carving!
She was obsessed with the stem/top and how it was like a puzzle. She couldn't keep her hands off of it. The funny thing was that a squirrel stole the top within hours of the jack-o-lantern being on the porch. Quin was not amused!

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