Friday, October 23, 2009

Time With Lincoln

Last Saturday Abbey and Lincoln came to visit us! We were amazed at how fast he is growing. It was so much fun to see him - I sure wish he, I mean they, lived closer :)

Quin was so good with him. You can tell just by watching her with babies that she has so much experience with little ones. Every time he was on the floor, she wanted to be next to him - giving hugs and kisses.
Linc is catching up to Easton. Easton better start eating his cereal!
I love how it looks like Linc is looking up to Ellery, and that they are holding hands :)
Think Lincoln is happy he doesn't live at our house?!?!?
I couldn't pass up posting this pic. Those eyes!
My parents were also able to stop by and spend time with all five grandchildren. I love watching them both with the kids!

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