Thursday, October 15, 2009

Doctor Visits and Food

Last Thursday I decided that it was time to take Easton and Ellery to the doctor :( Easton had been super cranky, and just plain out of sorts. Ellery had been wheezing, and it was increasing instead of getting better. Turns out that Easton had an ear infection, so we were prescribed an antibiotic. They put Ellery on breathing treatments for her wheezing. Quin has needed them in the past, so it was nothing new for us - just not fun! Both are doing much better and back to their old selves - yeah!
During our visit they were both weighed (they hadn't been weighed since their 6 month appt.). Ellery weighed in at 16 pounds and a half ounce. Easton, our little peanut, was 15 pounds and one ounce. I am so curious what Gianna weighs - it has to be at least a pound heavier than Ellery. We go for their 9 month appt. at the end of October.

Food, food, food! Many of you have asked how it is going. Well... it is going :{ Ellery is a wonderful eater! She loves food, opens her mouth and acts like she is chewing. Easton keeps his mouth shut, but will 'chew' when the food makes it past his lips. He does have moments of licking the spoon, so I have hope for him. Then there is Gianna, oh my sweet Gianna. Poor girl, eating is not her thing. I see a lot of the same actions in her that Quin had, unfortunately. We continue to work daily with her, hoping that she will catch on soon. I will bring it up at their 9 month appointment. I have a feeling that we may be heading for feeding therapy - at least we are veterans :)

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