Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Apple Crisp Assistant

This past weekend Quin and I used some of the apples from our apple orchard trip to make apple crisp - so yummy! Quin was actually a huge help. I love to try and let her help in any way when I am cooking - she loves to watch and stir :)
She enjoyed trying to read the recipe card to me - even telling what ingredients to add!
She LOVED using the apple peel/core/slice hand crank. It was easy enough for her to turn, so all I had to do was put the apple on and help her take it off. The corkscrew effect was neat to see.
It was a long wait to get to the eating part, but Quin thought it was well worth it! She gave it a thumbs up!!!


ab said...

Confession: I'm totally tearing up reading this post. My little Quinners is growing up! Oh, how I love that little girl. Maybe she can come help me make apple crisp and you can borrow Baby Lincoln. I love the pictures!

Joelee said...

I'll take Linc any day!