Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eye Doctor, Colds and 8 Month Pics

Well, it is amazing how much time I don't have now that I am back to work :{ Posts are far and few between. I have great intentions, but just can't make the time to post. Here are a few things from the past week or so.

Last Friday we had a follow up appointment with the pediatric opthomologist. I think it is fascinating how they can tell if babies have issues with their eyes. It makes me wonder why I have to look at the charts and tell them 'which one is more clear, one or two'. By using his little lenses, the doctor was able to tell that all three babies are farsighted. He explained that newborn babies usually are farsighted by '2 units' (I'm not sure what units are though). Gianna measured at 2 units, Easton measured at 3 units and Ellery measured at 4 units. He did say that there is still time for their eye sight to increase. He also said that more likely than not, Ellery will probably need glasses in the future though. I think her big blue eyes will look even more beautiful in glasses! We need to take the girls back in a year for another check up.

The bigger news from the eye doctor was that Easton probably has a Dermoid Cyst. A few weeks ago we noticed that the left corner of Easton's eye was red. After the redness went away, there was a small lump under the skin - it feels like a bb is trapped. I asked the doctor to check it out and he believes that it is a cyst that has probably always been there, but we just didn't notice it. It is a harmless cyst, but will probably have to be removed if it is grows any bigger. We go back the first week of November to see if it has grown. I pray that it remains the size it is now, and does not require surgery!

All five of my babies have had colds over the last week and a half. That's right - five babies. When Jason is sick, it sure feels like I have a fifth child! :) He and Quin are both feeling much better now. The babies have had a few lingering symptoms. Cranky, crying babies really are not much fun! I am hoping for them to be happy and healthy again soon!

We also took a few pictures when the babies turned 8 months. (L to R, Gianna, Easton, Ellery)
I love the look on Easton's face, as if to say 'don't touch me!'
After awhile, Quin became jealous. Soon she had stripped down to her undies and joined the babies.

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