Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Cahoots

We are loving how the triplets are interacting with each other! I wish I had more pictures that showed how they are beginning to act just like siblings should - love/hate and then love/hate some more! Here are two that I could find.

All three have been playing with the balls together. They will roll them to each other (it is awkward, but they attempt) and then all of a sudden one them decides they are done and tries to crawl away with the ball - leaving the others screaming mad!
Ellery and Gianna
The bathroom is a favorite hang out! Easton loves to unroll the toilet paper. He knows exactly how to pull the loose piece so that it unrolls in a matter of seconds - stinker!!! Gianna and Ellery are usually near the door, so it looks like they are his look outs :)
It is so much fun to see them grow into little beings - toddlers, really. WOW! Oh the adventures I foresee in their near future. I can't wait!

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