Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out and About

We had our first fun family outing that was purely just for us! We go to friends and families homes, we walk to the park to play, we go to doctor appointments - but this was the first time we went someplace with all six of us, just for family time.

We started out our day at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. Quin was a little overwhelmed by all of the neat areas, but warmed up after the first few minutes. It was very busy, so it was hard to get to all of the areas. We stuck with the basics that I knew Quin would enjoy, although we did try to stroll through the whole museum. I wasn't sure how long the babies would last, and knew they would need bottles while we were there.

We all loved the mirror area!
All four kids LOVED the triangular mirror tunnel. I think they could have stayed in there the whole time!
Ellery was the first to crawl all the way down. She screamed back to the others as if to say 'come on down guys!'.
Easton thought it was great fun to slap the bottom mirror - he was laughing hysterically at himself :)
After we left I asked Quin what her favorite part was. Of all of the super cool and unique areas, her favorite was... the sandbox. HA!
All four kids were in great moods when we left. We had just enough time to stop for lunch before we had to get home for afternoon naps, so we stopped at Fazoli's. It was the perfect place - not a fancy restaurant, great food and not busy. YUM!
We had a wonderful day together. I think we are starting to turn a new leaf in our lives - one that we can go places as a family, have things go somewhat smoothly and not worry as much about germs (although we will see who is sick in the next few days). I can't wait for more family outings!


Ms. VanLiere said...
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Ms. VanLiere said...

Yea!! This is what vacation is all about! :-) So glad you were able to get out and enjoy some "in the moment" family time! LOVE the fun pictures too!