Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter! This was the first holiday that I was able to say 'Wow - what an amazing difference a year makes!'. Last year the babies were right around 5 and a half pounds, and teeny tiny. It was their first outing and I remember how little they looked in everyone's arms. Well, this year they barely let anyone pick them up because they are busy bodies! :)

I pulled out the headbands that we used last year for pictures and they actually fit the babies - yay! If I was techy, I would link up my post from last year - but, I am not... Sorry!

Okay, so Quin's headband actually fit last year, but she wouldn't keep it on. Hmmm... wonder where she gets her stubborn streak from ;)
We hosted Easter this year with my side of the family! We were so excited to see everyone, but especially excited for Linc to come. He is getting so big, so fast!
Quin couldn't resist kissing him - love it!
Check out Easton and Lincoln - watch out ladies!
While getting out the headbands, Quin and I found a pair of bunny glasses that her Gigi gave her last year. Quin was crackin' us all up in them!

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