Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a great time decorating eggs together this past Saturday! Quin did all of the actual work, but G/E/E watched as the eggs changed.
I found this neat 'no touch' decorator that you put dye into the container, add an egg and then push the top until the egg has spun and become colored. Well... it was fun to push, but the colors began to blend together and we ended up with dark eggs after a few tries. It would have been great if I cleaned it out in between each egg, but who has time for that!
After we decorated about half the eggs, we switched to the traditional style of coloring and dipping. Quin loved seeing how the eggs got darker if you left them in for too long, and how the white crayon and rubberbands left white on parts of the eggs.
Quin was a pro at finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny had hidden. Each time she found an egg, she would say, "but no bunny with that one. I can't find the bunny". She was a little confused about who/what this Easter Bunny was :)
Gianna, Easton and Ellery tried to help, but quickly became sidetracked by their toys - who can blame them. Quin found the 13 eggs in record time - Jason and I were impressed! She was so proud of all of the eggs in her basket (they really are in there!)
Quin and Gianna just happened to have on matching pajamas (not planned at all!). I still think they look a lot alike! :)

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