Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food vs. Tulips???

Last weekend we headed down for our fill of Tulip Time food! I look forward to this week simply for the food. It probably takes a couple of years off my life. There are many great events/attractions, but the food... MMmmm.
We still haven't been able to convince Quin of the yummy-ness. Last year she wouldn't touch a single piece of food that even looked like it had been dipped in grease. She did attempt this year. After one bite, she tore off the breading from her corn dog and ate the hot dog. Good thing I brought extra food.
Leave it up to Quin to make her corn/hot dog into a microphone!
I love this picture of G! I think she is trying to tell Quin that she would love to switch her food for the corn dog :)
I found these adorable tulip sunglasses and couldn't pass them up - I envisioned Quin wearing them while sitting in the tulip fields. Yeah, not so much.
After our fill of junk food, we walked over to Kinderplaats (sp???). It is an area dedicated to kids! There were games, petting zoo areas, and many, many blow up/bouncer areas. While Quin was still not so hot on the bouncers (she did give it a go again, but was outta there in 5 seconds flat), she did LOVE the blow up slide. She loves slides at the park, so we weren't surprised that this was her favorite.
A trip to Tulip Time isn't complete without a picture in front of the tulips... Well, at least all four of them are in the same picture, with tulips behind them. Yes, this is the best one :(
Quin came close to 'loving' a few of the tulips a little too much. I thought for sure the tulip police may be after us, but none were squished too badly ;)
My favorite quotes of the day came from Quin. On our way out we told her that we were going to get an elephant ear to eat on the way home. She yelled to Jason as he was walking away, "No Daddy, just get me a rabbit ear". Trying not to laugh too hard, I explained to her why it was called an elephant ear and thought we were squared away. I was handing her a piece in the car, after a long pause, she asked "Mommy, where the elephant's face". Ha!
We had a wonderful time - I am loving our family time while we are out and about. We have a system for unloading the van when we get home. Ellery happened to be the last one out this time, and I couldn't help but fall in love all over again when I saw this smiling face - love, love, love her!

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