Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Little Monkey (& Update)

This shirt describes Easton to a T - although he has three sisters and is smaller than all three, he is definitely a boy! He climbed into this on his own. (Can you tell he is teething - such a drool monster too!)
One of the things that Easton mastered much faster than the girls is climbing! There is no stopping him. He has abs of steal - he can pull himself on to anything. He is also pretty clever - he has figured out how to push toys over so that he can climb on them. He has also figured out how to push toys up to the couch, to use as a step, so he can climb on to the cushions - such a stinker!!!
We live in an old house, with very steep steps. He was the first to climb them. Thank goodness for gates! He climbs them fast and quiet - not a good combination. (The girls were both very jealous of this accomplishment and quickly figured out how to climb up right after him.)
We have a craft type of table in our front room. This was Easton's first item that he climbed, and still his favorite - ugh! He loves to climb on the table and stand in our front window. The look on peoples face's as they walk by is priceless :) Don't worry - we don't encourage it (Jason was standing just out of the camera's view).
I love the look on Gianna's face - 'Get off! I want to play with it - Mom!'. The girls have about had it with him climbing on all of their shared toys ;) We spend quite a bit of our playtime getting him down/off of things!
Easton Updates:

While we are on the topic of Easton...
A few weeks ago I took him back for his year check-up appointment with the pediatric cardiologist. The EKG results looked fabulous, so he was cleared from their schedule - yay! One doctor off of our list. They said that his heart is functioning perfectly, and they couldn't hear his murmur (which may come and go, and that is okay).

After finding out that his dermoid cyst was mostly fatty tissue and of no threat, we waited on his surgery until mid-June so that I could be home. We go for Easton's pre-op appointment next week. They will then give us more details about what to expect. We will fill everyone in as the surgery nears!

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