Thursday, August 19, 2010

Always An Adventure

A few days ago Jason and I spent the day with just Quin for our 'end of the summer hurrah'! We decided to take our party to Michigan Adventure, and oh what an adventure we had! We stopped on the way up for breakfast in Grand Haven - I couldn't pass up the yummiest cinnamon rolls ever! We waited forever to be seated, which up-ed my anxiety about getting to the park before the crowds, but the food was worth it!

We ended up getting to the park just as the water side opened, so it all worked out. We had a wonderful time (after I got past the cost of the parking, tickets, lockers... wowza!). It was worth every penny - we only live once, right?!?!

The weather was beautiful, and dare I say on the chilly side (quite unusual for the summer we have had). There was a breeze that felt wonderful... until we were wet. Brrrrr!!! There
were only a few areas that we could go into because of height requirements, but that was okay with Quin. She loved the Lazy River... and the water slide! She didn't dare go on the big ones, but I was proud of her for trying the medium one!
At a certain point I turned to ask Quin a question, and her teeth were chattering and her lips were as blue as her life jacket - woops! We headed over the the ride side to warm up.
Quin's favorite part of the whole day was riding on the carousal (or the merry go round as she calls it). Horrible picture, but the only one where she is facing the camera.
Quin also LOVED driving the 'old' cars. She talks all the time about 'someday when she can drive us around'! It was quite entertaining to drive behind she and Jason as they bounced back and forth :)
I haven't been to M.A. since I was in elementary school. I was so excited to see the kiddie motorcycles. This is the only ride that I remember from my last visit. Wow - just think how may kids have ridden on them!!!
Our day came to an end much too fast for Quin - she was close to an all out fit when we were packing up our stuff. She hung in there all day and was ready for more - quite impressive for a three year old, I think!
Within minutes of getting on the high way, she was sound asleep!!! The mark of a great time!

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