Thursday, August 19, 2010

Easton's First Trip to the Dentist

At the triplet's 18 month check ups, the pediatrician and I spoke about two of Easton's teeth that have a slight gray to the front of them. To error on the side of caution, he sent us to the pediatric dentist (same office Quin went to at the beginning of the summer). Easton loved sitting in the waiting room and watching the train circle in and out of the room.
I was in charge of holding him down while the dentist checked out his teeth, so I don't have any pictures of the actual visit. He didn't seem too traumatized by it - only a few squirms, and then just stared at the big mask :) The dentist said that the discoloration is from him having a small deficiency during the pregnancy - and often happens in multiples because all of the babies are competing for the same nutrition. He was surprised that neither of the girls had it. The dentist said that Easton's is only minor, and that we just have to make sure to brush his teeth well. His 'grown up' teeth should not have it.

We were in and out of the office in twenty minutes - what a record! I decided to take Easton out for lunch with our extra time :) I will use any excuse to spend alone time with each kid, and to eat a meal that I don't have to make!

He enjoyed the bagel chips and pickle, as well as the snacks that I had stashed in the car. Most of all though, he loved flirting with the ladies sitting around us - he is such a hoot!!!

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