Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Wedding

This past weekend we had the honor of attending my Uncle John's wedding! It is such a sweet story of love. They are a perfect couple, and we love to see him soooo happy! We are happy to welcome Shirley to our family! Unfortunately, all of my pictures of the actual ceremony were blurry. (That is my dad on the right - 'best man' in many ways). Besides the beautiful ceremony, one of my highlights was when my brother Nate sang the Lord's Prayer.
This was the first wedding that our family of six has been to, and we didn't fair too well. It was a smart choice to sit at the back of the church. Gianna fell off of the pew a few minutes into the ceremony and hit her head on the pew in front of us, so she and I spent most of the wedding just outside of the door. We had a revolving set of companions back there...

Ellery (L) and Gianna (R) spent a lot of time exploring the art work.
Lincoln made a few appearances (here with Uncle Nate)
And Easton had much more fun in the hallway, climbing on all of the extra pews and chairs.
After the wedding, Quin was in heaven with her 'Baby Lincoln'. She couldn't wait to get her hands on him :) I was relieved to see that Linc didn't look like he was being tortured too much! Easton took the opportunity to torture Quin though - the moment she wasn't looking he pulled her hair ties out!
The reception took place in my uncles back yard. It was a VERY warm and humid day/night!!! The days of leisurely talking and eating at wedding receptions may be over for Jason and I. We were supposed to be the first table to eat, and Jason and I ended eating after many people had had their second helpings. The babes were very cranky (and their parents were right there with them). We were trying to balance feeding all three and keeping them happy enough not to disrupt the fun around us. Jason and I came very close to throwing in the towel and leaving before the cake was cut!
I am glad that we took a few deep breaths (and got some food in our bellies). Once the kids were able to run around, they lightened up and had fun!

After dinner was over, they loved having individual attention. (Gianna)
Our kids took over the dance floor! They were loving the huge space and all of the attention. It took them awhile to warm up to all of the people (we don't get out much!). We have our own dance parties often in our living room, but it was fun to see them out on a real dance floor showin' off their moves! Quin has a new found love for break dancing (we can blame my DVR'ed So You Think You Dance for that one), so naturally Ellery and Gianna do too. They loved that they could sit on the dance floor and spin around using their feet. All four kids are usually in bed by 8:00pm. We had to pull them off of the dance floor at 8:15. It is always a sign of good times when you have to be removed from a dance floor ;)
Both Ellery and Gianna had fun dancing with Uncle Nate!
A big thank you to Nate for helping us out with the kiddos!

Congratulations Shirley and Uncle John! We wish you a life full love and happiness!!!

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