Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hair Trims x4

Last week we took on the task of taking all four kids to have their hair trimmed, all by one person and in a row. Kudos to Krista at Eden Salon for doing it in under an hour!
It took some full on 'cheesy-ness' from me, but she had the hard part. Can't you read the look on Ellery's face - 'Seriously Mom, you are sooo totally embarrassing me.'
It was the first time both Ellery and Gianna had their hair trimmed. Ellery's hair was growing in a stack - short in the back and long on the sides. So, Krista just trimmed a little bit to even it out and try to give Ellery's fine hair a little life.
Gianna had the opposite issue with her thick locks! She had a baby mullet goin' on, and it wasn't pretty. So, she now is close to having a cute little bob.
Easton is an old pro by now at this hair trim stuff!
I'm not sure how, but I completely missed getting a picture of Quin getting her hair trimmed, but we just had all of her icky ends trimmed off.

Have you noticed that I have used the word trim - and not cut?!?! Quin decided a few weeks ago that her scissors would be really good for cutting her own hair - ahhhhh! She only cut one curly Q off the front of her hair, but... One of my biggest fears (after all of the really big ones) is that she is going to do a chop job on her beautiful hair! After her test run with her scissors, we have had more than a few chats about how her scissors are for paper, and you have to go to a special school to cut hair, and there are special tools that are just for cutting hair... I feel like if we keep calling it a hair 'trim' maybe she will forget all about those scissors of hers. If she ever takes the scissors to her own hair again, you may all hear my cries of horror!

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