Saturday, July 2, 2011

Caterpillar Handprints and Butterflies

WOW - I feel like June flew by! I have no idea where it went (okay I do - finishing school, garage sale, grad class...).
I have loved the time home with my kiddos, and it is even better when the weather cooperates and we can be outside! We have had fun exploring the plants in our backyard, and have found many caterpillars and butterflies (and a bunny and toad). These real life discoveries, and our love for Eric Carle's book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', spurred a new handprint craft!

This isn't a new idea, I have seen it before in teacher print. Quin was adamant that the caterpillar look EXACTLY like the one on the cover. First, we painted just their palms green and red. We then just painted their fingers for the legs and antennas. I let Quin do the eyes and nose to all four caterpillars with her fingertips.

Ellery was excited to match her book to the caterpillars once they were up on our door!

We also took some coffee filters, pipe cleaners, markers and spray bottles and made butterflies. The kiddos started by coloring with washable markers on plain ol' coffee filters.

{Check out Gianna's new accessory... sunglasses! She loves them, and wears them everywhere.}

All four kids fight over the spray bottle that we use to do the girl's hair, so when I found some in the travel section for cheap I knew they would be a hit! I bought one for each kid.

It didn't take long for the filters to dry in the sunlight. Quin and Ellery helped me make the butterflies... Gianna and Easton lost interest, no shocker there ;)

So simple!

Not the best picture - lots of reflections, sorry! (I do love Gianna's face down on the bottom right - 'really Mom, another front door shot')

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