Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We had a wonderful Father's Day together! A big thanks to my mom for having us over and making a fabulous meal for Jason (and my dad!).
I love the picture above of Jason and Quin! She loves him dearly :)
I tried to get a picture of the him with all four kids, but Easton couldn't even find time to sit with them (he is such a boy!). I wish all three girls were looking.

I am so thankful that my children have a wonderful father who is involved in all areas of their lives - they are so lucky to have him!!!

We made him a framed picture for his office. I saw a list of ideas for Father's Day crafts/activities. One of the items was to make a t-shirt with handprints and a similar saying to that below. I figured it would be equally cute as a framed picture. We made one for my dad and grandpa also. I tried to leave a heart on the palm of their hands - some turned out better than others.

I couldn't agree more with the saying - Jason is definitely the best around!

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Barb said...

I love the framed handprints - what a great idea! So cute!