Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Toddler' T-Ball

Quin just finished up her first 'season' of t-ball... 'toddler t-ball'. I think the name is a little misleading since it was for kids ages 4 and 5. It was, however, a great introduction to the general ideas of t-ball - running the bases, taking turns, hitting and fielding - all with Jason right next to her the entire time. She loved the special time that she was able to spend with her dad. I don't think she was as sold on the entire idea of t-ball itself though. Oh well!

Jason had big plans for her! Unfortunately, she was not a fan of playing out in the field. If Jason wasn't standing next her, I am positive she would have been spelling her name with her foot, sifting the sand or waving at me in the stands ;) Sorry for Jason, but this time the apple didn't fall far from her Momma's tree!

Quin much preferred to hit! The catch... she is too short for their tee. Another dad was creative, and daring, and let her hit off of a helmet that he held. She did much better!

The first part she told me about after the first game... the hand slap line up at the end. She has even had the triplets help her reenact it! GOOD GAME GUYS!

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