Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bowling Frenzy Part 2

Earlier in the week Quin and I met up with my friends Kelly and Kelly and their kids for our second annual bowling frenzy. We had a great time, and at a low price! If any of you are in need of something cheap do with your kiddos, don't forget about Kids Bowl Free! I love that we bowled two FREE games, and only paid under $3 for the shoes - cheap fun, woo hoo!

Quin was nervous again, but quickly fell into her bowling groove!
I had to chuckle at how big the ball was compared to her :)
She ditched the metal bowling 'helper' after the first few frames, and threw the ball all on her own. She was one tired girl by the time we headed home!

Thanks again to Kelly and Kelly and their broods for meeting us - we had a BALL! :)

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