Monday, July 2, 2012

Nanny Needed

{Sorry to everyone on our email list - When I deleted our post about the garage sale, it sent out a random email.  I don't understand why that happens.  Sorry!}

Here is my summer 'to do' list:
1.  Finish grad class - check
2.  Organize and have garage sale - check
    So, next on my list:
3.  Find a new nanny for the fall....

I didn't plan on this, but we have found ourselves looking for a new nanny again.  My plan has always been that once Quin was in kindergarten, we would put the triplets in the daycare that is run by the school system that I work for.  We knew that the woman who we hired this past year would only be with us for a year (she graduated from college a few weeks ago and is moving out of state for work).  Well... after looking into it, we would end up paying a substantial amount of money compared to keeping the kids at home and paying for their 3-school tuition.  It really doesn't make sense for us to send them (the pain alone of getting them up and around each morning and making their lunch is enough for me to keep them home another year or two!).

Quin will be in kindergarten this year, and will go all day/every day.  She will go to the same school that I teach at.  The person who we hire will watch her for the few weeks before school starts, as well as any days that she does not go to school - but, she will not be home much of the year.

The main responsibility will be to take care of the triplets.  They will go to school two mornings a week, so the person will need to help transport them to and from school.  Likely, this will mean that the new caregiver would need to drive my van and I would need to drive their vehicle (I teach 2 miles from our home).  The triplets will be going to the same preschool that Quin attended (less than four blocks from our house).  Their school does require volunteers on a regular basis.  Jason does go often, but there will be class times and field trips that we would like our caregiver to attend.  So, this person will need to feel very comfortable in a classroom setting.

We would love to find someone who is energetic, timely, cooperative and willing to engage the kiddos in activities that will help their development.  We need someone who is willing to make a commitment for the full school year, starting in mid August and working through mid June.

If you know anyone who would fit this description, I would be so appreciative if you would pass the information along to them!  If anyone has any questions, please email me at joeleeda @

Thank you!

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