Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fall Pictures 2012 (November)

Tammi of More Than Words {by Tammi} did it again!  

She took our pictures near the beginning of November - about a week and a half after Easton cut his hair.  And, I had a beautiful shade of faded purple and yellow around one of my eyes.  About a week before the photos were taken, I was tickling Gianna and she was trying to wiggle away and head butted me by accident :(  I will forever remember both of these events when I look at these pictures!  Thank goodness I can laugh about them now!

No matter the obstacle, Tammi always manages to take the most beautiful pictures!!!
I love this sequence of pictures!

The kids thought this was fun!
Tammi tried to get a few pictures of just Jason and I (which will not be shown - we are not very good at being serious when it is just the two of us!). 
While she was taking our picture, she gave Quin a 'vintage' camera to help keep the four kiddos occupied.  Quin was hilarious!  She was Tammi's mini-me! 
And... don't you just love this picture!!!  Quin could not figure out how their picture got inside of the globe.  She kept saying, "but mom, it wasn't snowing when we had our picture taken".  
A huge thank you to Tammi!  She is so good at putting up with the six of us, and our short attention spans ;)  The kids love working with her, and I am always amazed that she gets a good picture of every child!!!

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Ami said...

Joelee, your family is soooo darn beautiful!! The pics are fantastic!!