Sunday, March 22, 2009

Go State!

We have really enjoyed our time getting to know our new slightly larger family now that all three babies are home. Jason took vacation days the end of last week, as well as the upcoming week. We have been working on forming our new routines and trying to figure out the best way to accomplish things. We also have a ton of doctor appointments. During the days that Jason has off, we have a total of eleven appointments between all four kids.

Last Thursday Easton and Gianna had their first appointment with the pediatrician. They are both four pounds and ten ounces. The doctor was very happy with their growth! On the day that Easton was discharged (Tues.), the nurses let me weigh Ellery and she was four pounds eight ounces. So, all three are very close in weight! Ellery has her two month check up on Tuesday, so we will see how she weighs in. On Friday Quin had her two year appointment at the same office. Her measurements always crack me up – her weight was 75% and her height was 25%. Just like the teapot – short and stout :) She is slowly starting to thin out – she usually measures close to 95% on weight. I will miss those chubby knees and pinchable thighs!

Laundry, dishes, cleaning, feeding, diapering and… BASKETBALL ruled our house this weekend! All four kids were geared up for the State game! The pictures aren't great, but here is a glimpse at our game day rituals.

Quin loves to cheer "Go State" during the games. (She also enjoys screaming Go Wings during hockey season).

Have a great week!


TheGeerlings said...

I can't even imagine how busy your life is right now! Thanks for giving us a glimpse and update of how you are all doing! Wow, I can't even imagine babies under 5 pounds! I hope their appointments go well in the next few days and they continue to grow and do well. Keeping you all in my prayers! Rachael

leah said...

What great pictures. They are so cute. What great progress they are making with weight too. :) Hope you guys start to settle in and get into a routine.

ab said...

How is it that my little Quinner looks so big next to those babies?

Loved seeing you all this weekend. I'll be back to help as soon as you want me. And a 4 am feeding is NOT too early for me, thank you very much!

beautifulsue said...

I am so happy for you all! So, glad that your family is all together. I can not imagine how crazy, busy you are! I'm nervous about adding 1 more to our family....I will think of you when I think I'm stressed or sleep deprived! Glad to hear that they are gaining weight! Enjoy! Will keep praying for you all! Sue.