Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Home, and Easton To Go

We were able to bring Gianna home late this afternoon. Unfortunately, we had to bring her home on a monitor. We ran into our first case of 'depends on who discharges you'. The doctor who discharged Ellery last week thought that Gianna would only have to be on the monitor for five days after ending the caffeine. The doctor who actually discharged her today feels that babies who have been recently on caffeine should be on a home monitor for two weeks after discharge, making sure that the caffeine is out of her system and she is not having any apnea/D-SAT episodes. This means that she will be on a relatively small monitor for the next few weeks. It is a pain! If we move her more than five feet, we need to make sure we move the monitor also. The sound that the monitor makes is an extremely loud, shrill noise - which will wake the whole house if it does go off. She has not had a single episode in almost six days, so we hope this continues.

We are now hoping and praying that Easton will take off on his feedings! While I was there this afternoon, he drank about 3/4 of one of his bottle and the full amount of the second bottle. We are crossing our fingers that he will come home soon!

I will update as soon as possible, hopefully posting a few pictures of the three girls together!

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leah said...

I hope everything is going well. I can't believe two are home already. Yeah!! One more to go. Let's go Easton! :)