Thursday, March 5, 2009

Late Night Prowlers

No, I am not talking about Jason and I (yet). Last night we had some late night prowlers, who we caught pink and blue handed. I went into our front room to make a phone call last night and noticed that our bushes had (what I thought was) toilet paper on them. We quickly saw the balloons, and one of the culprits a couple of houses down! What fun! Thanks to Whitney and Shari for the great decorations. Quin loved the balloons and it will make for a great homecoming for Ellery!

Ellery passed the carseat challenge with flying colors (doesn’t the word challenge make it sound fun? – Survivor here we come!). In fact, she was so content after the hour was up we left her in there until her next care time. Leave it up to Ellery to make it look easy.

Also, many of you asked about the triplets hats from the last set of pictures. The hospital has amazing people who voluntarily knit hats. There are bins full! I was able to find three matching white ones. I added the ribbons at home, making sure that each of the girls bows were perfect and that Easton’s knot was boyish. Unfortunately, I severely underestimated the size of their heads. I was bummed that the bows/knot had to be retied once we arrived the next morning, but they were still cute. Thanks for the compliments.

We will try to post tonight with an update about Ellery’s arrival home!

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