Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Right Back Where I Started

Gianna and Easton have been moved AGAIN. They are just spreading the Sizemore’s around, wouldn’t want anyone to get too spoiled with us :) There was an influx of admissions on the neonatal floor, so they moved Gianna and Easton to an ‘overflow’ room on the fourth floor. This is the floor that I was on during my bedrest. Sometime in the past few years they have combined several patient rooms to form an extra neonatal area. Both Gianna and Easton will be here until they are discharged (knock on wood!). This room is for babies that are breathing on their own, and relatively free of alarms (due to apnea and D-SATS). The room itself is very cramped, but it is nice to feel like we are that much closer to going to home. I also look forward to catching up with some of the nurses who took care of me when I was on bedrest.

Ellery has been a dream. She is a VERY good baby (I have probably just completely jinxed myself by putting that in writing). Of the three, she seems to be the most easy going. It has been a nice introduction to the world of babies for Quin. Quin is slowly adjusting. She LOVES Ellery, and looks for her as soon as she gets home, or up from sleeping. She is constantly trying to kiss her, hug her, give her ‘up highs’ (high fives)… We are often talking with her about having nice hands and gentle touches, but she is getting better. I really think 95% of the time it is in the name of love, and the other 5% is out of frustration. It cracks me up to hear her call around the house for Ellery – she calls her E-l-l-l-lery. I just hope we can keep this positive interaction as the next two come home.

Ellery had her first pediatric appointment this morning. She has gained six ounces, and is up to three pounds and fourteen ounces. This is wonderful! A wet piece of paper towel still weighs more than she does, but at least we are gaining! The doctor was happy with her progress since she has been home and expects her to continue in this direction.

Easton continues to make gains. He has been taking a full bottle or two, but then goes back to drinking about half of the next. He is definitely doing better each day! He weighs just under four pounds three ounces.

Gianna must have been jealous of Ellery because she has stepped up her game! She has taken full bottles for close to a day and a half now. They took out her feeding tube in hopes of not having to put in another one. She is just under four pounds five ounces. She was taken off of caffeine last Friday (which helped keep her nervous system alert to help prevent D-SATS). She needs to be off of the caffeine and alarm free for at least five days before they will consider sending her home. Jason and I are guessing maybe Friday?

We are so thankful for the triplets (and Quin’s) continued progress. Now that Ellery is home and we are juggling more, it is difficult for me to get back to all of your emails and calls (not that I was on top of it before she came home). Please know that I am not ignoring you, and that Jason and I are so thankful for all your support!!! Thank you!!!

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