Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our First Love - Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe that it has been two wonderful years since Quin entered this world. We should have known what we were in for – not many first babies are born less then three hours after their water breaks, and within 45 minutes of arriving to the hospital. I feel as if I blinked and she has gone from a cuddly infant to this outgoing, sassy, determined two year old – where did that time go?!?! I have always been happy that Quin has ‘quite the personality’. She is tough, sticks up for herself and you never have to guess at how she feels or what she wants. She can make us laugh at the shake of her booty, as well as make me want to pull out my hair when I see that mischievous grin! She is such a lover though, and can’t give me a kiss without giving one to Jason as well. As I look through pictures, the memories are so vivid but the time feels like it flew by. I wish I could go back in time and relive some of those amazing moments.

I remember that I found her first birthday utterly depressing, and this one is right up there. I remember how long some of those first nights were, but how fast the days went by. I wish nothing but the world for her! I hope to see her continue to grow into a self motivated, caring and giving child. She has taught us so many wonderful lessons.

We love you Quin!!!


Nate said...

Her birthday was depressing? Because she was getting old? Man am I confused.

ab said...

I always tell people the day Quin was born she stole my heart. She really is the sweetest and most energetic little girl there is. I can't even remember what family get togethers were like before! Now we all just sit around and stare at Quin!

Happy Birthday, Quinners!

Kate Steenwyk said...

Congratulations on your little miracles Joelee! Hope just reminded me yesterday that today is Quin's birthday. =)