Saturday, March 28, 2009

Time Flies When Your're Having Fun (2 months)

Really! I’m not quite sure where the week went, but I know I have enjoyed the time that I have spent with Jason and the babies. We have been busy running to different appointments, as well as trying to get things in order around the house. I do feel like we spend an overwhelming amount of time making bottles, feeding, changing diapers and doing the dishes. In a twenty four hour period, we clean/make/give 24 bottles. We change at least that many diapers. Time for anything else? Not a whole lot, but we are trying to soak in every last minute.

The babies are very scheduled. They eat every three hours – usually around 7:00, 10:00, 1:00 and 4:00 (both am and pm). For the most part, they sleep for at least an hour in between feedings and sometimes more. In an effort to try and cement days vs. nights, we are trying to keep them more awake during the day with tummy time and direct interaction. I can honestly say that Jason and I are definitely sleep deprived! I’m not sure how this will work when Jason goes back to work. I am able to feed two babies at once between propping one on my leg and the other propped in the boppy pillow, and then Jason feeds the third. This is actually how most of our feedings work. The babies are very good at taking turns with who is the hungriest. Our new saying is: The squeaky wheel gets the first meal. We are also blessed in that they usually are not all fussy at the same time.

Each baby definitely has their own personality! Most triplet parents say that they have one that is much more laid back then the others – not us. They each have their moments at being cranky, cuddly, patient, sleepy, chatty… For the most part though, they have stuck with what they were like from the very beginning.

Ellery is usually the more quiet, alert and determined one. But, if she wants something and isn’t getting the attention she thinks she deserves, she is more than happy to let us know with a high pitched shriek. She has rolled over from back to front on a few occasions, usually to escape the closeness of her brother and sister. She can put away the most milk, in the least amount of time.
Gianna is definitely the loud mouth of the group. She isn’t afraid of letting us know when she is the least bit uncomfortable or when she needs something. When she is awake, she has a constant babble. If this continues, the other two will never get a word in edge wise. She still has her apnea monitor. They came to our house a few days ago to download the information on the monitor. We should know at the beginning of the week what the data was, and how we need to progress from there. I surely hope that we are nearing the end with the ugly black box with its complicating cords!
Easton continues to be slightly on the more whimpy side. It takes him forever to finish a bottle – both of his sisters are usually finished and burped by the time he is half way done with his bottle. He is not nearly as high maintenance as we first thought, but also does not hesitate to cry when he needs something. He is a squirmer – we aren’t sure how, but he can end up a good foot or two away from where he started when we put him in his crib. He did this in his isolette too – he would get himself off of the mattress and stuck down near the foot of the mattress and the glass side. I think Jason is secretly hoping that this is a sign of athleticism and coordination.
Quin continues to do well! We are shocked by her every day. She loves her babies and is constantly trying to hug, kiss, give high fives, pick them up… There is jealousy when we are feeding them, but other than that, she has adjusted better than expected! We are also blessed in the fact that she is a great sleeper. She usually sleeps right through the night, rarely hearing cries from the triplets’ room.
We look forward to a relaxing weekend! Hope yours is wonderful!

PS – If you subscribe to our email feed, sorry for the repeat post. I have no idea how that happened. I hope other than that mishap, the email feed has been a good option for you!

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ab said...

Are you sure these are the same babies I saw a week ago?! How ADORABLE! Love them!