Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Due Date

Today, April 9 was the original due date for the triplets. I can’t believe that they are ten weeks old already! They are progressing so well. I could sit and watch them for hours. They are starting to act more like newborns. Each of them is awake for longer amounts of time, taking time to study their hands, windows, walls, the closest face… They are also starting to get fussy at night – gotta love that whole witching hour thing :{ Yesterday I got out Quin’s tummy time mat. They were mesmerized by the arches and bright colors. Each day with these three miracles is truly a blessing!!!
Gianna is near the bottom of the picture, Ellery is in the middle and Easton is closest to the top of the picture.

Also, many of you have asked about feedings :) So far I have been able to pump enough milk to keep up with all three of them. This has saved us a ton of money! I also have a deep freezer full of frozen milk that I accumulated at the beginning when they weren’t eating much. The babies are starting to inch towards the point of drinking more than I can produce, so every few days I have to thaw a couple of bottles from the freezer. They are eating about two and a half ounces during each feeding. I absolutely hate pumping, but overall I have been so happy that I could provide this nutrition for them! When they were in the hospital I felt like it was the only ‘motherly’ thing that I could do for them. Eventually they will be on a formula that is specifically for preemies.

They now eat seven times a day (opposed to eight). We can go about three and half hours between feedings. I am hoping to stretch them to six feedings every four hours, but I need to make sure they are all ready to do that. Easton is such a pokey eater and still doesn’t drink all of his milk sometimes. Once he gets on board, we will make the change.
The other night the babies were rarin’ to eat, but Jason was busy (helping me load pictures). In order to speed the feeding process along, I decided to feed all three of them at once – it really can be done! Jason just laughed when he came over to help! I am going to be bummed if I don’t have ripped arms in the next few months from carrying and holding all three of these babies.


leah said...

I love the picture of you feeding all three at once. :) Wow you must be a busy woman.

♥ Queen said...

Adorable, glad they're all doing so well! Props to you! Pumping should get easier too, maybe eventually you won't mind it as much ;)